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Our other creations are displayed below, we cater to some small events with our extras, please ask about anything that may not be listed.


Our Cheese cakes can be made with almost any fruit, nut or chocolate. 

Cake Pops

Our cake pops are a fun bite size perfect for children's parties or individual desserts. 

Brownies and Flapjacks

Moist succulent brownies with a crisp edge perfect for a brownie lover. Our flapjacks have a sweet beautiful, chewy, oaty goodness

Choclate Coated Strawberries

We can make treat boxes with  your choice of chocolate coated strawberries 


Our cookies are unique, imagine a cookie in a cake form, soft and spongey with a crunchy exterior.

Biscuits and Jalebi

Our biscuits are crispy short bread but not as heavy, light and creamy with a hot cuppa. Jalebi is a traditional Indian dessert perfect for any occasion.

Cake Slices

Our cake slices are the right amount of cake for individual purchase weather that is a office party or perfect a gift.

Treat boxes and Loaf Cakes

You can mix and match items from the extras and create your own box full of sweet treats. This can be a gift box or a weeks supply for yourself. 

The loaf cakes are available in all flavours.

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